• 01Hunan Triple Delight   10.25
  • 02General Tso's Chicken   10.50
  • 03Sesame ChickenBattered chicken meat deep fried, served w. our special sweet sauce covered with sesame seeds.   9.99
  • 04Orange ChickenChunks of chicken deep fried until crispy then sauteed with orange peel in a hot and spicy sauce   9.50
  • 05Orange BeefTender and crispy beef fillet sauteed in the chef's special hot sauce w. a touch of orange peel flavor   10.50
  • 06Happy FamilyShrimp beef and chicken stir fried w. Chinese veg.   11.99
  • 07Szechuan Style Shrimp & ChickenShrimp, chicken w. cashew nuts & chef's spicy hot sauce   10.95
  • 08Two Kinds of DelightWhole scallops sauteed with crispy Chinese vegetables in white wine sauce combined with shrimp sauteed in chef's special sauce   11.75
  • 09Seafood CombinationJumbo shrimp scallops, snow crab meat with Chinese vegetables   12.95
  • 10Four Season   10.95
  • 11Combination Pan-Fried Noodle   10.25

Red is Spicy
Price does not include tax or drinks